Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Technical Theatre Project

The Theatre class recently finished their Technical Theatre Project. This project was an expansive project that asked students to perform the roles of multiple technical theatre personnel. Here are the project directions.

Director: Answer the following questions:

  1. Summarize the play?
  2. Where is the play set?
  3. When is the play set (year)?
  4. Describe your director’s concept of the show.

Sound: List all sound cues in the script and what page they are on. Then, list 10 songs you might use for pre and post show music. (Songs must be school appropriate and fit the tone of your play)

Lights: Describe what color lights you would use for each scene. Keep in mind what colors look like when they are on paint. What areas of the stage are lit?

Costumes: Draw a costume sketch for each character in the play.

Props: Go through the script and create a list of props you will need.

Set: For each scene, draw a sketch of what the scene will look like. This will not be judged on artistic ability but on the placement of the items and the appropriateness of the items.

Stage Manager: List items you would put in your Stage Manager kit. Then, create all of the following paperwork and fill in when appropriate:

  1. Audition Schedule
  2. Audition Form
  3. Production Fact Sheet
  4. Audition Scenes
  5. Cast List
  6. Tech Checklist
  7. Sign in Sheet
  8. Rehearsal Report
  9. Performance Report
  10. Schedule (performance is 5/15-17; no more than 5 rehearsals a week)
  11. Weekly Attendance Sheet
  12. Contact Sheet
  13. Program Approval Sheet
  14. Scene Breakdown
  15. Scenic Notes
  16. Prop Notes
  17. Costume Notes
  18. Lighting Notes
  19. Sound Notes
  20. Shift Assignments
  21. Costume Change Plot
  22. Lighting Cue Sheet
  23. Sound Cue Sheet
  24. Crew List

See some of their work here!

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