Thursday, March 5, 2015

Senior Poetry Project

The Seniors just finished their Poetry Projects. For this, they completed the following:

Task: You are the teacher.  You will need to create a Google Slide that demonstrates your understanding of the poetry elements in the poems and the messages from the poems.  You will then need to connect the messages to the historical time period of the poems and how the poems relate to our society today. You will then need to record a “webinar” using Screencastify.

  1. You must choose three poems (only two may be from Shakespeare).
  2. No spelling or grammar errors.
  3. For each poem, you must include the following in your presentation:
    1. the title of the poem
    2. the poet of the poem
    3. a brief historical background to set up an understanding of your poem
    4. “show” your audience the words of the poem and how the poetry terms relate to those words-this means you need to find a way to highlight or underline the words in the poem which show the simile, metaphor, etc.
    5. an analysis of theme
    6. explain the connection to the poem’s historical time period and how it relates to our society today (and maybe even the future!).  
  4. Be creative!
  5. Use Screencasify to record your presentation. Pretend like you are hosting a “webinar” on these poems. Explain to your audience and elaborate on your slides.
  6. You must discuss as many of the following poetry elements as found in the poem:
Rhyme scheme Iambic pentameter Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet
Tone/tonal shift Metaphor Simile
Setting Paradox Speaker of the poem
Shakespearean sonnet Inversion Pastoral poetry
Repetition Hyperbole Imagery
Stanzas Allusions Purpose
Conceits (metaphysical) Alliteration Metaphysical poetry

Poems to choose from:
Edmund Spenser: “Sonnet 30” (273), “Sonnet 73” (274)
Christopher Marlowe: “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” (278)
Andrew Marvell: “To His Coy Mistress” (285)
John Donne: “Song” (290), “Death be not Proud” (301)
William Shakespeare: “Sonnet 18” (391), “Sonnet 29” (392), “Sonnet 30” (393), “Sonnet 71” (395), “Sonnet 73” (396), “Sonnet 116” (397), “Sonnet 130” (398)

Click here for the YouTube playlist of their projects!

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