Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Project: Global Inform aka Book Club With a Purpose

Project: Global Inform - Join the Movement from AJ Juliani on Vimeo.

The Juniors were approaching their last unit-book clubs. The unit asks students to choose a novel of their choice, read it, and complete a project. I was reading A.J. Juliani's "Teach Different" blog and saw a post that described "Project: Global Inform". I thought that this would be the perfect way to transform the book club unit into something even more meaningful and impactful. In this, students have spent the past few classes discussing what human rights are, where are human rights violations occurring, and what can we do to help. Students created Thing Links to showcase these violations. See their Thing Links here. Students will then a novel of their choice that discusses a human rights violation. This can be fiction or nonfiction. Students will blog about this along the way, summarizing and reacting to their novel. See their blogs here. Students will then create a project that shows others about the human rights issue that the read about. Their goal is to create a campaign to get others involved to help with the issues. Follow their blogs and discuss with them as they go!