Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of the Year

All apologies for being completely MIA on the blog! It has been so busy with end of the year stuff. ACT prep, finals, etc. It has been a crazy and exciting first year and I cannot wait for next school year! I have so many things on my to do list of things to improve for next year. (Don't worry I will still take some time to relax too). Next year, I am going to incorporate Project Based Learning (PBL). I hope this will be a fun and meaningful adventure for my students and myself. This should help show the students the real world applications of their learning. I am also going to try a whole new classroom set up next year! I will post pictures before school starts and keep you updated on how it's working out. My goal is to make the learning environment of a more effective learning space through "zoning" my classroom and increasing "flow". More on this in August! I will also be ditching Google Classroom for Schoology. Schoology appears to be more of an organized format with more integration for web 2.0 features directly in it. 

Be prepared for a long blog in August of all back to school goodies and throughout the school year on how PBL, the new classroom setup, Schoology, and much more is going! Happy summer!