Thursday, September 10, 2015

Featured Projects Unit 1 Project 1 Juniors and Seniors

I am going to (try) to feature awesome projects every time we are done with the projects.

Unit 1 Project 1-Seniors
The Seniors are looking at ethos, pathos, and logos for this project. This awesome group's project looked at ethos, pathos, and logos in commercials. They identified examples in each commercial and provided the commercial as well.

Unit 1 Project 1-Juniors
The Juniors are starting at the beginning of American Literature with Puritan Literature. But first, we need to get a good idea of who Puritans were. Students compared the Puritan culture, current American culture, and a culture of their choice. The featured group used a cool Web 2.0 tool called Smore. Smore lets you create online flyers. This group compared Spain, the US, and Puritans in regards to family values. Check it out!

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