Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Grammar Games

The Grammar Games

Students will compete in groups of four in “The Grammar Games” over the course of the quarter. New teams will be assigned at the beginning of each quarter. The winning team each quarter will win a prize for their group. Occasional incentive bonuses will be offered to keep energy high. (Bonus prizes may include: ability to change another team’s name, ability to switch three members of other groups, ability to remove three points total from other teams)

Ways to Earn Points
  • Get noticed by Miss Seabaugh performing an act of kindness
  • Taking a picture of a real-life grammar crime/spelling and tweeting it to @StClairTheatre (must include your team name and how to fix the grammar issue-no hand written grammar crimes/spelling errors will be accepted)
  • Review games
  • ACT quizzes
  • Using vocabulary words in discussion
  • Find vocabulary words in real life (no hand written) and tweeting it to @StClairTheatre
  • Write a one page review of a movie that is based on a book comparing and contrasting the two
  • Create a piece of blackout poetry
  • Noticing a Zombie Word used in discussion and offering a replacement word
  • Tweet @StClairTheatre how you showed grit

Have an idea of a way to earn points? Let me know!